I know this is totally laughable, but I just had another tiny little revelation.

I just realized that I could have a little garden, and I’d just throw some seeds into the ground, and then maybe water it a little, or maybe I don’t even have to, because there will be rain. And then, after some time, these things will grow in there that I could eat. Just like that. Without any further intervention. That is fucking magic.

If I did it properly, I could maybe live off of it, and wouldn’t need anything else, or very little. I’d almost never have to go buy groceries. Not only could I eat the product of this magical process, I’d also be very healthy. Immeasurably more healthy than I am now. (Assuming that the ground isn’t contaminated with something bad.)

Yeah. I just realized that.

Little children know this. I have known this since I was little. But I seriously only just deeply realized the significance of it – what it actually means. I’m 40 now.

This is great.

Good night.


Author: schoschie

I like to see the wiring under the board™

5 thoughts on “Garden”

  1. Totally magic it would be, you put only water in the garden, without any evidence of some seeds and you would never be hungry again…..

    Cheers 😀

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